Aunt Jo's BBQ

Tom Joshua was a freed slave who amassed 5,000+ acres of South Texas land. His hard work, including harvesting timber as fuel for the nearby power station, is a heroic example of rags-to-riches as he wisely invested in land and buildings. That property is where Aunt Jo’s BBQ, along with numerous buildings in various states of repair including the school Tom built exclusively for educating black children, sits today.

His decedents Monroe Joshua and Vic Salinas purchased the property from their mother, Aunt Josephine, and by 2007 had restored the family’s 1920s grocery store into what is now Aunt Jo’s BBQ. The surrounding estate is filled with rustic buildings and quaint items; dining is entirely outdoors at picnic tables and under old covered patios. The business’ mascot, a painted statue of a pig, has a prominent location at the front of the property and is a popular photo-op for diners.

Cooking primarily with mesquite felled right on property, their thick, slow cooked brisket is a local favorite. They make a sauce that has a unique, sweet flavor and just a hint of pepper that perfectly accents pork or beef.

Aunt Jo's BBQ is part of the Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail, and is open Thursday-Saturday, 10AM-4PM.
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